Power is imperative in both industry and in households.
With our advanced technology and products, we provide stable power supply, mainly by the production of switchgear components. Through our constant effort and devotion, we have gained recognition and trust from our customers. (Our product lineup consist of a large variety ranging from 550kV to 11kV)
TKD responds to each and every one of our customers’ needs with full support through all processes of planning and development, type testing, and production.



Based on a thorough interview of our customer’s concerns and demands, we provide detailed solution plan. We respond to each case by offering plans to either integrate or develop a new product.

Product Development

For the implementation of the optimum products for each user environment, not only do we select and produce products, we also develop products (commissioned development).


With close cooperation with each specialized departments (planning, quality control, production) we apply safe and efficient solutions with awareness of Price Quality, and Due  date (PQD).

Aftercare Service

Always with a devotion to an improved service, we also customize finished products according to customer demands.
Transportation and maintenance service are also included.

Main products

  • Motor Operator
  • Motor Spring Operator
  • Manual Operator
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Hydraulic Machinery
  • Other Products
  • Compressed Air Dryer
  • Filter (Parker KL)
  • Reactor/ Inverter


Overseas Affiliates

Message from the CEO

TKD Inc.

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