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Overseas Affiliates

At our China plant (JXC), we carry out machine processing as well as assemblage and type testing with high quality achieved through long years of experience.
With our integrated system, we also provide quick services at a low cost.
Located in the economic area of the Yangtze River Delta, JXC is outstanding in resourcing necessary parts as well as domestic transportation and exportation.
JXC is currently expanding business overseas.

Factory Environment

Operator lineOperator line
Reactor manufacturing, testingReactor manufacturing, testing
Machine processingMachine processing

Equipment Line

Vertical MC (Okuma)

Vertical MC (Okuma)

Model MXR-560V
Size 1046.5mm×558.8mm
CNC feed (Okuma)

CNC feed (Okuma)

Model LBR-370M
Size φ350×L=1000(with antiskid)
Laser processing machine (MAZAK)

Laser processing machine (MAZAK)

Model STX-510 Mk21.8kW
Size 1525 X 3050mm

Factory Overview

概要 General Chairman Fujio Kataoka
CEO Michio Nagahama
Established 2008
Employee 50
Address 中華人民共和国浙江省嘉興市嘉善県魏塘鎮城西開発区
TEL 86-573-84062456
Main products motor operator, Reactor, Machinery Parts


Overseas Affiliates

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